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Jonathon Gibbs

Jonathon Gibbs


I’m sure as you can see from the title, that this is my first post, and as unexciting as that sounds, I’m pretty certain I have no visitors to read this yet. For those of you who do happen to stumble across my page, hello, and if you haven’t guessed, I’m Jonathon Gibbs. Doctor Jonathon Gibbs to be exact. But, not in the medical sense, rather, a fake doctor. A Doctor of Philosophy. One of those who can develop an interesting idea in which nothing becomes of it, and then, …drum roll…, be awarded a Doctorate.  As simple as that. I mean no disrespect to anyone with a PhD, by all means achieving this is no easy feat. Though for most of us fake doctors, we live a life on the side-lines in academia with the odd publication and the majority of time spent applying for grants to secure an additional couple of years or performing tedious tasks that can be performed by junior school kids. The free travel and occasional free lunch are certainly added bonuses though and all in all, it certainly beats a life in industry.

So, this blog is something I have been meaning to do for some time and I am super excited (seriously) to finally have the time to do it. I intend to keep you updated on my rather exciting (ha!) life, along with providing tutorials on random topics, such as camera calibration or the creation of three-dimensional models from images, and my personal projects and hobbies ranging from simple Python projects to analyse stock market data, to deep learning models for image segmentation. You will also find my resume and a list of my publications which I intend to, hopefully, keep up to date.

Having recently created a GitHub account ( I will be committing regularly to my ongoing projects, which at the time of writing this post, focus specifically on two areas; A Python GPU based ray tracer for three-dimensional plant canopies looking at light interception, and intraday stock analysis tool and a deep learning network to aid the prediction of stock prices. For those of you who may ask, no, you cannot accurately predict stock market prices and this, to some extent, is not the goal of the deep learning network I am working on, rather I am looking to identify key areas that offer an edge in what is almost a completely random market. I’ll cover this in full in a separate post and link to it later as I feel this is an area with a lot to cover.

Well, that is the end of my relatively short first post. I’ll be back again soon!

Doctor Jonathon Gibbs

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