Dr Jonathon Gibbs

Research Associate at The University of Nottingham

Welcome to my blog/tutorial site/general rambling pages! I am Jonathon Gibbs, born in Nottingham (England) in 1988 as a spoilt only child. I now reside in the small village of Sutton Bonington with my partner and our two beautiful boys (a Golden Retriever; Biscuit, and a German Shepard; Shadow). I am a Research Associate at The University of Nottingham and part of the Computer Vision Laboratory. In 2010 I graduated from The University of Nottingham with a First Class degree in Software Systems and received the award of Most Outstanding Project from IBM for my dissertation. Following my undergraduate degree I began my career in industry as Senior Analyst for Lockwood Studios with the primary focus on large data analysis. In 2013 I undertook my PhD, which was later titled ‘Reconstruction of Crowded Scenes from Multiple Views using Active Vision’, focusing primarily on active vision, three-dimensional reconstruction, and plant phenotyping. My work-related interests lie within the fields of machine learning, plant phenotyping, computer vision and robotics, in particular generating methods to automatically extract plant traits. More of my current and past projects can be found here.

I plan to update this site regularly (I hope) adding a series of tutorials and blog updates ranging from Python tutorials for the calibration of a UR5 robot with a camera and turntable known as AX=YB calibration, to deep learning networks for pixel wise segmentation… or occasionally just pictures of the boys. If you have any specific requests for tutorials, please send me an e-mail and I will do my best to write a tutorial for you!