Hi, I'm Jonathon Gibbs

Research Associate


Profoundly deaf, diligent and enthusiastic Computer Scientist with 8+ years’ experience in Academia and Industry; currently holding the position of Research Associate. First Class BSc degree in Software systems obtained in 2010 and PhD in Computer Science obtained in 2017. Received award from IBM for undergraduate dissertation and recent grants to support my ongoing research. Excellent communication skills presenting at numerous conferences and publishing in several high quality journals.


Full Name

Jonathon Ashley Gibbs


18th April 1988, Nottingham, UK.

E-mail address

Jonathongibbsbsc @ hotmail.co.uk


PhD in Computer Science

University of Nottingham 2017

First Class BSc in Software Systems

University of Nottingham 2010

Work Experience

Research Associate

University of Nottingham
October 2017 - Present

The development and optimisation of analysis algorithms to process large, complex data sets, extracting features and identifying trends. tasks (C# and C++); and analysis tools for automatically evaluating large datasets (SQL, Python)

Paper and grant writing to express opinions, ideas and present complex algorithms to a wide-ranging audience.

Design and development of multiple applications for example, deep neural networks (Python, CUDA, LUA) to solve complex recognition tasks; robotic applications for the automation of key tasks (C# and C++); and analysis tools for automatically evaluating large datasets (SQL, Python)

Performing data analysis, data mining, the creation of optimisation tools, and visualisation tools to display large data supporting interdisciplinary work.

Reporting and presenting complex theories and practices to large audiences of all disciplines. Encouraging and supporting the growth of data science and the capabilities of it building rapports to support future collaborations

Prescribing Analyst

NHS - GEM Commissioning Support Unit
February 2014 - October 2014

Increased the awareness of business needs by manipulating consumer data using T-SQL, SSIS and SSRS

Provided consumer insights, advising on current prescribing rates, base rates and target rates on a regular basis, providing financial feedback to senior stakeholders

Performed statistical analysis to determine the significance of data to be used in supporting forecasting and comparative analysis

Sole development of analytical tools using SQL to analyse data, automatically producing key performance reports for colleagues

Improved colleague efficiency by providing regular training sessions, and supporting documents, to increase understanding of tools available to them

Senior Analyst

Lockwood Publishing LTD
February 2011 - January 2014

Recognising and extracting critical indicators from large, complex data sets, interpreting and expressing these indicators in a business context for Company directors.

Development of tools for automatic reporting with respect to budgeting, scheduling, forecasting and profit and loss. and presenting data to senior management and directors

Management of a development team for an in-house data analytics system which I designed

Increased the revenue of products using statistical analysis, marketing campaigns and analysis of sales and user profiles to determine target consumers and marketing strategies.

Definition of new projects; creating requirement documents detailing the minimum viable product, key performance indicators, marketing strategy, budget and schedule.

Analysis of millions of data points; Tracking key performance metrics related to gameplay, usage and monetisation to analyse models, trends and consumption patterns of merchandise

Sole developer of time keeping, data analytics and project management software which is still in use by the entire Company today, optimizing statistical efficiency and data quality

Analysis of data and definition of strategies to drive traffic and sales within all our online products along with the use of A/B testing to optimise performance.